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Mota or Moto is the spanish sland word for weed, cannabis, marijuana, or Mary Jane. It can be used around many spanish speaking countries to find the sweet grass. Many people around the world will have different ways to describe cannabis ingestion. In countries where Spanish is the primary language, mota is fairly similar to how English speakers will use terms like weed, Mary Jane, bud, or ganja to refer to their recreational or medicinal cannabis.

Mota can also be used to refer to a commercially sold brand of cannabis products made on Vancouver Island. Mota pot is another term that includes mota in its name and is a device that is used to make your own edibles. It was created in Denver, Colorado by a group of food scientists that have a strong passion for the whole cannabis industry.

There are at the minimum, 1,200 different words associated with marijuana — or cannabis or hashish or weed or pot. According to slang researcher Jonathon Green, there are also hundreds more to describe one’s state of intoxication after consuming the drug. Similar to any slang, it’s a hint that it’s time for a new one when the authorities start to catch wind of what a certain slang term means.

With the diverse and broad range of people around the globe smoking weed, it was bound to come up with different words. Green says that even as U.S. states and other countries move to legalize marijuana, he does not see the creativity for new terms to be waning. There are slang terms that are identified by the United States Drug Enforcement Administration, slang terms for high-quality cannabis, terms for low-quality cannabis, terms for cannabis cigarettes, edibles, effects of cannabis, and even for people who just consume cannabis products in general.

Use of Term

I just smoked some mota and feel great.

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