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Moon Rocks

Contrary to the appellation, moon rocks in this respect at least, do not come from the moon. No. Typically moon rocks are any strain of marijuana that is dipped or sprayed with hash oil, then it is rolled in kief. Kief refers to the residual cannabis particles that can accumulate in containers or be sifted from loose, dry cannabis.

The overall potency for moon rocks is up for debate and depends greatly upon how it’s made and who has produced it, and as such its potency varies from batch to batch. However, as a rule it is stated that the potency of moon rocks is roughly around 50% THC. It has been stated that the “hit experience” of moon rocks is unique and has its own signature experience.

The effect of moon rocks starts in the head. And over time it eventually spreads throughout your entire body. To give you an illustrative example of its effect, if one smokes moon rock at 5pm, due to its great potency, by 7am the next morning you’ll still be buzzed and under the influence. It has been described as an accumulating slow intoxication. You feel the buzz hit you initially, then some 30 or so minutes later you realize that you’re really stoned and have possibly taken on a recreational activity you were not quite ready for to begin with.

GSC is a street slang for a strain of marijuana known as Girl Scout Cookies. It is an Old Gangsta Kush strain in its derivation and is a cross with the Durban Poison strain. Due to its popularity, it became available well beyond its indigenous location of California. Hence, moon rocks are typically made with either GSC flower or oil concentrate. But one can also make their own moon rocks.

Do do this all you need is your favourite strain of marijuana. Next get your preferred hash oil concentrate. Look to the bottom of your weed grinder. There you will find the kief that you’ll need to collect. Tongs or pinching apparatus like tweezers will also be required. And lastly get a liquid dropper. Here’s what you do:

Step 1: Grab a denser nug or two of your favourite choice of bud. It is recommended to use the denser nug as it will bind the end result cannabis cocktail together more efficiently.

Step 2: Grab your favourite liquid oil concentrate. With the dropper, completely saturate and cover your bud. Note: Do not over saturate the bud as this will lead to a longer drying time and will potentially make it much more difficult to light.

Step 3: Use the tweezers to pick up the bud and roll it in the kief until the entire nug is covered in the crystal substance.

Step 4: Wait until your moon rock has thoroughly dried then you’re ready to light up and have the buzz of your lifetime.

Use of Term

If you’re using moon rocks for the first time, I highly recommended that you start off really slow, because the high can get fairly wild.

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