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A Marijuana Infused Products Facility or MIP is a location used to legally produce concentrates for consumer use. The concentrates are then infused into other products. Products infused with cannabis encourage a consumer to enjoy the benefits of cannabis without having to smoke it. The products infused with marijuana, commonly referred to as MIPs, are available in the form of edibles (baked goods and candies) and in a variety of beverages.

MIPs also extend to soups, tinctures, botanicals, salty snacks, and entrees.
As cannabis has become more widespread, particularly since it has become legalized in some parts of the world, various avenues have been opened for many businesses to create new products that offer different ways to consume cannabis. Since MIPs aren’t labelled as a black market status product, cannabis growers and product manufacturers have developed numerous innovative products that are infused with cannabis, ranging from beauty treatments to food and beverages.

It should be noted that the products infused with cannabis aren’t the same as cannabis concentrates. Instead, cannabis concentrate is just one of the several different ingredients that make up products that are infused with cannabis. Lotions are one type of product infused with marijuana that can be found on the market. These are a perfect way to apply cannabis and have been shown to relieve muscle and joint paint in the body.

They also lower the severity of many skin conditions and are known to improve the elasticity of the skin. Even though the consumer might not feel the psychoactive effects, the application of cannabinoids directly to the skin has numerous health benefits. A lot of people like to stay smoke-free but still want to enjoy the strong psychoactive effects of cannabis. There are patches that can provide the high without inhaling cannabis. Patches typically consist of carrier agents that assist cannabinoids to flow through the blood-brain barrier.

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I’m really starting to enjoy MIPs because I don’t always have to inhale cannabis smoke.

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