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Micron Screen

A Micron Screen is a fine mesh screen that is perforated for use in bubble hash production. A micron is a measure of the screen’s opening dimension, which is one micrometre or a millionth of a meter. The methods used to produce hashish are fairly old, but thanks to modern technologies, the process has become much easier and more understood. It was once believed that producing hash was essentially just refining and concentrating the natural cannabis resins into a more potent form.

In a way, that’s accurate, but what’s actually going on is that hash makers filter out bigger trichomes to make sure that only the tiniest and most powerful trichomes and terpenes make it into the finished product. Bubble Hash is usually an extremely potent product that micron screens are used for. Trichomes come in various sizes, and they need to be filtered out with a micron screen.

The majority of hash makers use a number of different screens to slowly arrange trichomes by their size, and to avoid the clogging and blocking that occurs when attempting to use only a single micron screen. Many hash makers start with big mesh openings up to 220 or 200 microns. After that, they gradually move down to smaller ones. The overall goal is to establish the optimal trichome size.

It usually ends up being around 65 microns for the best potency levels. which in terms of potency appears to be about 65 microns for the highest. 90 and 73 microns will nearly produce full-melt hash, while 65 usually produces good full-melt bubble hash. All in all, the particulates need to be filtered out through a variety of different micron screen sizes to result in the most ideal trichome potency and size.

Use of Term

The micron screen that I used was perfect for the bubble hash that I made. The potency was very high and the trichomes were just right in size.

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