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Micron Grade

Micron Grade refers to the size of the screen used to collect trichomes during bubble hash extraction. Some common micron grades are 73u, 90u and 140u and help determine the constancy and purity of the final product. Choosing the right micron size bag depends on a number of variables, and many of them depend on personal preference.

The most important factor is the input material (flower, hash, kief, etc.). After that, the significance of the quality versus the resulting yield must be measured. Do you want extract of higher quality at a lower cost? Or do you, at the cost of lower quality, want a higher yield? You’re going to have to find yourself the right balance between the different factors. There is an appropriate array of micron sizes for each type of input material.

After some research, you’ll be able to figure out the perfect micron grade for your process. Micron size refers to the opening sizes between the threads of the rosin bag being used. One micron (abbreviated u) is 1/1000 mm (1 inch= 25.4 mm). It’s a fairly small size in comparison to the thickness of a human hair, which is about 75 microns, but this all varies from person to person.

Trichrome heads are the cannabis plant’s most cannabinoid-rich material and are about 120 microns in diameter. Thus, it would be sensible to use an appropriate micron size to filter them out so that their cannabinoids can be liquefied and extracted, leaving the rest of the unwanted plant material behind. 90 Micron bags are perfect for cannabis flowers.

You will get a lot better filtration and higher quality, but one downside is you will have a lower yield. Many agree that 115u is a happy medium where yield and quality comprise the overall best balance. Go with a 72-micron bag if you want the absolute highest price and don’t mind sacrificing yield.

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I picked up some good micron grade screens for the extraction process.

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