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On a fundamental level, the primary distinction between medical and medicinal marijuana usage comes down to recreational enjoyment usage and medical applications for treating patients with chronic pain or serious illness such as cancer or AIDS. But as a rule, the greater the percentage of CBD to THC (the components which give marijuana its potent buzz high), the more suitable that particular strain is for medicinal consumption. With a strain’s CBD content, then this would be suitable for medical cannabis applications and use. Whereas THC content is more focused on the cannabis’ high, and mood elevating properties, and is therefore more valued for recreational use.

When THC interacts with the brain, its purpose is in controlling the psychoactive effects. Now to use a vehicle’s transmission system as an analogy, the THC component in marijuana is akin to the accelerator, whereas CBD can be considered as the brakes.

CBD avoids the high effects which are produced by THC. Its many recognized attributes are for muscle relaxation, pain management and other properties make it ideal for symptom relief. With the recreational strains of THC, the higher the amount of THC the higher and more “stoned” you can expect to experience.

With regard to its chemical proportions, the difference between medical and medicinal marijuana usage depends upon what consumers plan to use them for. Medical cannabis does not differ that much when compared to recreational cannabis. Fundamentally it comes down to an individual’s own personal motivation for use.

While some users may view weed as just weed, there are those who prefer to know that some degree of testing has been conducted to determine the potency of the strain. In the end, what matters to medicinal consumers is safety and potency.

On a recent study, it was shown that more than half of American adults, roughly 128 million people, have used marijuana. People in favour of using marijuana on a recreational basis state that it is less harmful than alcohol. Simply stated, whether marijuana use is for medical or medicinal purposes, it comes down to pleasure or pain.

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I love the many different benefits that medicinal marijuana provides. It relieves my headaches, helps with my arthritis, and reduces my overall stress levels after a long day at work.

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