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Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana is simply cannabis that is used to treat medical conditions such as pain, nausea, anxiety, and more. Medical Marijuana is obtained through prescription in a country where the process has been legalized. Medical Marijuana products come in variety of applications that make it much easily for the patient to safely and discreetly dose their medicine.

Use of Term

I got this Medical prescription that I need to get filled.



Thank you for sharing your story with us, Mary. It's sad when we hear about how regulation makes cannabis inaccessible to those who need it most, but it put a smile on my face to hear how it's helped you make steps towards a healthier life. I can confirm that there are services that take your DNA into consideration, and recommend you a strains. They will send you a swab kit through the mail, which you then mail back. Try searching for "DNA cannabis determine best strain" online, and you should find some.

Mary L Smith

I have been prescribed medical marijuana by my primary physician.. I have rheumatoid arthritis and PTSD. I use CBD and kratom. MMJ is legal in my state, NJ. However, one must register with the state at a cost of $150.00. Only doctors licensed in MMJ can prescribe it, and they are few and far between, with long waiting lists. Selecting a strain is a hit or miss, and the cost is prohibitive, between $400-1000/month. I am disabled from a spine injury and cannot travel to these doctors. My only income is Social Security. I recently heard there is a new DNA test taken from a swab inside the cheek to determine the appropriate strain for an individual. If they could do this through mail order, that would be wonderful. I am not interested in smoking it, I am 70 years old and have deficits in my hands from RA and spine injury. I would like the edible type. I am on Medicare, which I highly doubt would cover it. I kicked a 20+ year addiction to opioids using CBD and kratom and I believe in using God-given plant medicine.

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