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Low-Temp Dab

Dabs that are inhaled at low temperatures are referred to as Low-Temp Dabs. Low-Temp Dabs provide more flavour and smoothness but take longer to burn. A low-temperature dab entails heating a marijuana concentrate to a proper temperature (usually 350 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit) in order to extract the finest flavours in the concentrate and deliver long, steady, and potent hits.

Through using the low-temp dab technique, the consumer will conveniently vaporize cannabis concentrate terpenes and cannabinoids, like tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), without creating large amounts of vapour. The use of a low-temperature dabbing approach also does not use up all of the concentrates on the dab nail as quickly as other methods. Low-temperature dab methods are all based around the regulation of temperature.

Low temperatures let the flavours of the concentrate really come out to their fullest potential. Terpenes are also released at their best in low temp dabs. While dabbing, high temperatures often kill the essential oils of the product that interact with the concentrated cannabinoids that create the desired psychoactive effects that consumers are seeking.

Low-temp dab strategies do not burn off the essential oils, so this enables the consumer to feel and enjoy the full effects and more quickly. Dabbing has rapidly become one of the most common methods of consumption among marijuana users because it provides such a powerful and potent high. Typically a dab rig— a glass chamber similar to a bong — is used for consumption.

Rigs generally require a banger that is made out of titanium, ceramic, or quartz. They can be thought of like the bowl on a bong, but made for a rig. Using a butane torch or e-nail, customers get the banger to a temperature that vaporizes the concentrate nearly immediately. The obvious drawbacks to this form of consumption are the amount of equipment and supplies and the learning curve required in reaching the perfect temperature of vaporization.

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Low-temp dabs always give me the most potent high best tasting experience.

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