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Low Pressure Isolation

Low Pressure Isolation (LPI) is a non-hazardous method of using low-pressure and low-temperature to extract cannabis compounds from raw plant material. The process involves using a mix of room-temperature solvents and proprietary gases to separate cannabinoids from unwanted items, like pesticides.

The process is non-flammable and non-toxic, so it’s a highly regarded method of extracting plant material. Being a superior cannabis extraction method, the cannabis concentrates derived via Low Pressure Isolation helps to preserve the full integrity of raw plant material. Through this safe process, what is produced is the purest of extracted oil.

The cannabis concentrates using Low Pressure Isolation assists in maintaining the full untainted purity of the raw base plant material. This process has a multitude of benefits over other extraction methods. The primary quality is the overall manufacturing safety and purest of calibre of the extracted oil.

Low Pressure Isolation has a plethora of benefits over other cannabis extraction techniques, including overall manufacturing safety and oil purity.

A significant advantage over using Low Pressure Isolation over the Butane Hash Oil process is that BHO is very dangerous and can potentially have the risk of explosions. This is due to the rapid increase in volume and the quick release of accumulated energy. An explosion also produces high temperatures and release of gases. An explosion can also cause shock waves. In addition to the risk of a BHO explosion during this type of extraction method, the foundation and building requirements to get something like that to be enabled is also exceedingly expensive.

Low Pressure Isolation produces a cleaner, purer oil than alcohol-based solvents. So there is no need to shuffle between the speed at which the extraction is processed and the pure quality of the oil yield. Much like ethanol, alcohol-based solvents can process a large volume of material. However, that being said, ethanol-based extracts require quite a bit of cleanup in the aftermath of the extraction process.

In fact with basic, common sense safety procedures, an open warehouse space can adequately provide for a perfect Low Pressure Isolation unit environment.

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I only recommend low pressure isolation methods to experienced users.

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