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Live resin

When plants are harvested and extracted within 48 hours of removal from the ground this is referred to as Live Resin extraction. Fresh-Frozen plants that are frozen instantly after harvest are typically utilized in this process to preserve aroma and taste. This process is made possible with butane extraction methods resulting in a potent end product.

Live resin is a marijuana concentrate that derives its name from the freshness of the marijuana plant it is produced from. Live resin extract is created from plant material that has not been dried or cured unlike most marijuana products.

New fresh flower buds and sugar leaves are included in the initial plant material used for live resin; the large fan leaves and stems are not included. With the flash-freezing process, this helps to retain the most attractive compounds and maintain the cannabis plant’s full flavour.

Concentrate fans tend to flock to live resin because it provides a more natural and tasty dabbing experience. When processing live resin, the main objective is to obtain the live cannabis plant’s vast essence and fragrance. Products extracted using the live resin method — flash-freezing and extracting marijuana plant material— are linked to increased-quality and extremely flavourful concentrates.

Avoiding the traditional methods of drying and curing, a greater proportion of essential oils can be obtained. Such essential oils, generally referred to as terpenes, are the molecules responsible for cannabinoids ‘ unique flavours and aromas, and other qualities that are presented in the end product. Live resin extracts can be found in a variety of colours and shapes.

Live resin is full of all kinds of terpenes and contains higher amounts than many other concentrates. The quality is usually more fluid than other concentrates The more terpenes the product contains, the more runnier and malleable the concentrate will be. Sap, sugar, badder, budder, and sauce are the most common consistencies of live resin.

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Live resin always gets me high just the way I like.

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