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Light Dep

Light Dep refers to light deprivation of your cannabis plants. As a grower, it can be a highly valuable technique for those seeking to speed up their plant’s flowering process. The technique of “light dep” allows the grower to control the hours of light the plant receives. It’s basically tricking the cannabis plant into believing that the shorter periods of light which occurs in the fall are now starting.

This will speed up the plant’s flowering process. The benefit to this is the control that it provides the grower. You can have your plant flower at will. With the light dep technique, you can attain two additional harvests per growing season. There are significant advantages to having your cannabis plant bud in the summer as opposed to the fall.

As a rule of thumb, cannabis plants receive on an average 12 and a half hours of light during September. However, in the winter months, the days will be significantly shorter with cannabis plants only receiving approximately 7 to 9 hours of natural light. Typically, outdoor marijuana crops will end their flowering in October. There will even be some strains of marijuana plants that flower as late as November.

In regions where there are generally cooler temperatures with a lot of rain late in the fall, this can cause a potentially risky situation known as bud rot. But when the grower utilizes the light dep technique, the plants will be forced to bud as early as July. Of course with the intense heat from natural sunlight and warmer weather during the summer, the overall quality of the bud will be improved and thus greatly reducing the risk of rot and mold. From July onward, as the natural sunlight hours start reducing, it won’t be required to use the light dep technique as the plants will have already transitioned into flowering.

Typically, some cannabis growers like to use light dep at the beginning of July. As long as you ensure that your plants get just the required 12 hours of sunlight, they will begin flowering. After roughly three weeks of using light dep when your plant is in flower, as the days will be adequately shorter, it won’t be required to cover them any longer. With a variety of marijuana strains grown using the light dep technique the plants will soon be ready for harvest.

Use of Term

The accidental light deprivation of the cannabis plants that I was growing caused them to wilt away.

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