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Licensed Facility

A Licensed Facility is a location or MIP that is fully licensed to operate in its region. This requires compliance to a variety of regulations and procedures. A licensed facility is a dispensary that carries a multitude of medical marijuana-containing products and devices that can be sold to consumers and patients.

These approved establishments are licensed for working in the selling and cultivation of medicinal marijuana under state and municipal regulations. In order to sell medicinal marijuana, each licensed facility must have the necessary state and local permits.

Many people who are new to medical marijuana tend to go through a licensed facility to get their cannabis-related products. At the facilities, they will have many opportunities to learn about the various products that they have available at their fingertips. Licensed facilities operate in contrast to illegal dispensaries or unlicensed facilities that are operating without having gone through the right regulatory channels to be able to sell cannabis products to people legally.

As more and more of these illegal clinics are trying to open up, law enforcement is struggling to keep up with closing them down, but as with many illegal activities, a lot of them are still remaining untouched. Currently, it is buyer beware in terms of medical marijuana usage.

At licensed facilities, patients and consumers have the ability to discuss cannabis products with budtenders that will suit all their medical needs. In terms of what strain to use, THC content, and much more information, they will be pointed in the right direction.

The knowledgeable budtender will be able to inform patients about the different cannabis strains available to buy and the different levels of THC, CBD, and terpenoid levels provided by each type Usually, licensed cannabis facilities will feel like a doctor’s office. They are designed to provide optimal privacy for the patient while discussing and buying cannabis medicinal products.

The licensed facilities will usually have to keep a log of all of the patient’s activities and usage details. Many licensed facilities, depending on the state, also help and instruct patients on how to obtain medical marijuana certification for usage.

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I picked up my cannabis at the licensed facility today.

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