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In short, “leaf” refers to the marijuana leaf. The cannabis plant and marijuana leaf has been around for thousands of years. Longer than most users realize. For example, there is a cave painting of marijuana in Kyushu, Japan dated from around 10,000 years B.C. Then there are marijuana depictions found in Egyptian tombs such as the Egyptian goddess Seshat, or Pharaoh Thutmose III. And marijuana leaf and its use has even been documented in an ancient Greek medical textbook, dated at around 512 A.D.

The three primary leaves are Sativa, Indica and Ruderalis. Their distinction is explained as follows:

Sativa: The leaves of the Sativa strain are long and thin. Due to its strong potency, it boasts a nickname of “Amnesia”.

Indica: The leaves of the Indica strain are also long but they are wide and thick. With a variety of strains with names like Ice Wreck, Strawberry Banana and Purple Kush, this plant is practically running neck and neck with Sativa in terms of its potency.

Ruderalis: The leaves of this strain fall in the middle with long, medium-sized leafs. It is not especially known for being potent or for producing a high yield.

Then there is Australian Bastard Cannabis, or Aussie Bastard Leaf. This is an ultra-stealthy, scarcely known variety of cannabis which grows abundantly all around Australia. Aussie Bastard Leaf also known as Cannabis Australis, is a particularly unique strain of cannabis indigenous to Australia. It possesses unique characteristics distinctive from any other variant strains of cannabis.

Little is known about the Aussie Bastard Leaf. In fact the only “research” information on this strain originates and has been obtained from the marijuana growers themselves. Growers have reported that Aussie Bastard Leaf is a quite common marijuana mutation. Measuring no more than a few centimetres long, it can be identified by its hairless leaflets with no more than 5 points per each leaf.

And as novel as the Aussie Bastard Leaf mutation may be, the best results for growing this strain will be derived from the cultivation of a seed that comes from a primarily healthy plant possessing normal characteristics.

Use of Term

Look at the shape of this leaf on my indica plant. They are a lot bigger than I expected them to be.

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