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Another slang term for cannabis, Kind refers to cannabis with very high levels of THC. Cannabis enthusiasts are always developing creative ways of talking about marijuana, marijuana consumption, and marijuana types.

This will also include many different references to how marijuana is measured, slang terms for concentrates, and phrases for everything in between. While it is often referred to as ‘kind’ marijuana, the correct spelling is ‘kine.’

When you dig a little deeper, you can find that it is a Hawaiian word. ‘Kin ‘ in the Hawaiian language means’ excellent.’ Most people probably haven’t heard of the term before, even if they are cannabis experts. The Polynesian language has only about 24,000 speakers. Usually, ‘Kine’ weed refers to sinsemilla (also a high-quality cannabis regarded for lack of seed bodies).

It is also common, though, for people to define above-average cannabis as ‘kine.’ It was a challenging endeavour to find kine weed only ten years ago. There’s a surplus of it in some locations Prices for marijuana are also different depending on the place you look. In Oregon, prices are going down quite fast.

The average cannabis price in Oregon in May 2017 was $2,500 a pound. The price dropped in half to $1,200 within five months. For people that love cannabis, they will like to know that kine is affordable for most. The downside is that so much of it is going to waste due to overproduction.

Kine cannabis requires the right genetics, just the right light intensity throughout the growth cycles, harvesting it at the perfect time, and drying and curing it adequately. Storing conditions are also very important in ensuring it won’t develop mold from forming on it.

Use of Term

Kind cannabis always gets me high to a point that no other cannabis does. That’s why when I visit the dispensary, I will always pick it out first before any others.

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