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Powdery crystal trichomes that fall from the cannabis plant is referred to as kief. Most grinders have screens dedicated to siphoning and collecting the most of amount of kief. This powder contains a high amount of THC making it very potent and great for making a variety of hashes.

Trichomes will sift through the screen as you grind up the flower and gather kief in the catcher. It’s recommended to clear it with a scraper once you have collected a considerable amount. If you’re searching for huge quantities to be stored at home, you can buy a kief box that usually has two chambers— one for sifting marijuana flower and one for collecting kief.

All you have to do is put your marijuana into the chamber compartment, shut the box and then shake it up. The trichomes break off as you shake the flower. They get sifted through the mesh screen and then end up in the chamber. On a commercial scale, marijuana is sieved in a type of vibratory sifter over a number of different screens to produce dry sift.

The word “dry sift” is simply another term to describe kief, but it usually refers to collecting huge amounts of kief. Although gathering dry sift is usually a commercial venture, there are a few alternatives you can do at home to make dry sift, either through a series of sifting screens or through the use of a tumbler. This is a mesh cylinder or drum that spins and sifts kief into a container.

Kief is a concentrate that doesn’t require solvents to produce, so its consistency and quality is usually measured by how well it melts. The six-star rating system is known to be the most common way for hash makers to calculate the quality of solventless concentrate. The system is also used to isolate dry sift into various purity levels. Kief provides high levels of THC, but when ingested properly, it provides no more risk to the user than cannabis concentrates and extracts.

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I always sprinkle some kief on my weed to give it that extra potency.

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