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A hand-rolled cigarette filled with cannabis is called a joint. Joints are rolled with thin rolling papers that are sold in a variety of shapes and sizes. This method of smoking cannabis is akin to the hippie and psychedelic generation of the 60s, but is one of the lower potency ways to consume cannabis.

Smoking joints is similar to other types of cannabis consumption, such as blunts and spliffs, but is distinctive due to the small size and the use of rolling papers, instead of tobacco leaves or blended in with tobacco material. Since people have first heard of the psychoactive effects of cannabis, people have been consuming it.

As a result,  over the years an extremely broad variety of consumption methods have been created. It is now even possible to cook weed. It can also be concentrated into oil Vaporizing it has become a common method of consumption. Perhaps the most traditional ingestion method, though, is to smoke it in a joint.

A joint is little more than a cannabis cigarette, which dates back to the first recorded use in 1856. Tiny bits of cannabis plant material is spread over a rolling paper. The paper is then rolled and sealed up, and then the joint is lit up and smoked. Similar methods of smoking cannabis, though, may lead to misunderstandings. Joints, for example, are different from blunts.

These methods both use marijuana, but with a blunt, tobacco paper or tobacco leaves are typically used instead of rolling papers. The end result is a cannabis filled cigar. Spliffs, at least in appearance, are even more similar to joints. It’s because they use cigarette rolling papers. So this will make them the same size as joints and are appear nearly exactly the same. Spliffs, however, do not use 100% marijuana. Tobacco is combined in with marijuana, rolled up and then smoked.

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My friends and I just finished smoking a nicely rolled joint.

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