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Primarily, Isopulegol is a terpene present in cannabis characterized by its unique, potent minty taste and aroma. Also found in geranium and lemongrass, Isopulegol is the chemical precursor to menthol. Potential health benefits to Isopulegol are its antiviral, anti-inflammatory and gastro-protective properties.

Menthol is an essential oil that is produced by freezing peppermint oil which is derived from natural menthol that contains Isopulegol. China and India are two of the world’s largest producers of menthol with the United States and Germany following close by.

Growing in abundance in the Mediterranean and many other balmy climates is the flowering geranium plant which also contains Isopulegol. It’s also found in lemongrass along with other terpenes such as myrcene and citronellol.

Isopulegol is a common additive in our everyday natural health and household beauty items. Due to its refreshing, cooling, mint-like properties Isopulegol can be found in a variety of scented personal care products like soaps and cosmetics. Isopulegol is a chemical predecessor to menthol, and is most likely to appear alongside menthol and citronellol products that are made with plant-based essential oils.

A type of cannabis strain called Kosher Tangie contains a higher-than-average levels of Isopulegol. However, because it’s not a common and prominent terpene, it won’t appear on certificates of analysis from analytical laboratories. Fundamentally, much is still not known and has yet to be discovered in Isopulegol’s role in cannabis and its impact on ensuing resulting effects.

The Isopulegol terpenes are aromatic oils that give each individual cannabis strain its unique fragrance and flavour. Research on these molecular compounds have been shown to carry a vast array of positive medicinal benefits. When these molecular compounds are combined with other cannabinoids and terpenes, their cooperating interaction possess an intrinsic healing nature within cannabis. It should be noted that each terpene has unique characteristics all their own.

Use of Term

The weed the I smoked earlier today tasted very minty. I think it was the isopulegol in it.

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