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Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

When growing marijuana organically, a constant and predominant struggle is dealing with pests and how to manage them most efficiently. The common use of the ubiquitous pesticide is so widespread in gardening and food cultivation that it is considered a given. For effective pest management to be implemented to its maximum benefit, it requires a thorough fundamental holistic knowledge of the entire growing process.

How your cannabis plant integrates and interacts with the environment is another factor that must be examined. So appropriately, an integrated pest management (IPM) system must be utilized and implemented for the healthy success of your marijuana crop. IPM is the process of controlling pest populations and alleviating the effects of pests on your marijuana plant. It is advised to start with a proactive approach. It is far more effective when compared with the more traditional reactive pest management solutions.

Integrated Pest Management is the pan-optics of examining a broader view of the plant’s health and environment. It is wise to incorporate a number of safeguards beforehand well in advance before a pest issue becomes a more serious problem. Although, when concerning gardening, and when growing marijuana plants in particular, a typical pest response is when an issue has already developed into a big problem.

A good strategy and a rule of thumb mentality are to look upon the situation as “pro-plant” maintenance rather than “anti-pest”. Every single action which is taken to assist the plant’s health means a greater chance for resilience against recurring pests. In essence, this ensures limiting the reproduction and population growth rate of pests. This will also promote greater plant health through companion planting and the introduction of insects which are beneficial to the plant’s health and the introduction of microbes.

The initial step in organic Integrated Pest Management is to make a careful examination and scrutinize the problematic issues facing your marijuana plants and the environment in which they are growing in. In a sense, it can be viewed as a type of surgical approach to pest management. It’s not a panacea solution like an ongoing spraying schedule.It is important to learn about the symptoms and the signs of the variety of pest infestations and the ways in which it can be treated. But you’ll only become proficient in making your own educated diagnosis by taking the time and doing your own due diligence and research. It is only by vigilantly monitoring your plant that you’ll be able to collect all the necessary information to maintain a successful crop.

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I’m glad we got an integrated pest management system to prevent any pests from ruining our yield.

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