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Infusion is the process in which Cannabis is infused into another substance, for use in creating edibles and drinkables. The infused products may carry the taste, aroma, THC, or CBD of the cannabis. Cannabis infusion is the final result of the process of infusing the flavour and aroma of cannabis with another material, typically an oil. It is a technique that is becoming increasingly common across the cannabis industry.

Cannabis-infused products can be obtained at dispensaries or made in the comfort of your own home. In comparison to cannabis concentrates or extracts, cannabis infusions are produced for use in cooking and baking rather than for consumption on their own. They are diluted instead of concentrated. Products produced through the process of cannabis extraction are more concentrated than infusions.

If considering cannabis infusions for the first time, be sure to ask the budtender about the instructions for the expected use and dose. One of the first steps in producing cannabis infusions is to ensure that the right strain is chosen for your needs. Every single cannabis strain out there won’t suit the recipe you’re preparing, so consider what flavours that will complement the food you’re planning.

The second thing you need to know is the type of fat you’re going to use to product the cannabis infusion. The majority of cannabinoids are not water soluble, so you’re going to need some kind of fat, usually a type of oil. Many oil options are available such as olive oil, coconut oil, butter, avocado oil, and if you want something a little more savory, bacon fat can even be used.

The last step is to mix the cannabis and fat and heat it very well. Give the cannabis about 15 minutes to steep in the oil or fat. After that, strain the liquid and then use it on your favorite dishes.

Use of Term

I’m going to infuse weed into my butter and make some brownies.

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