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Thousands of years ago, when cannabis was first cultivated, it was grown outdoor in its natural sunlight environment. And for centuries that is how cannabis was grown. A seed was planted in the earth, tended to and then watched as it grew. However, as the years passed and cannabis was criminalized, growers had to take their crops indoors. The growers attitude was, “out of sight of the police, out of mind”.

The cannabis community has changed a lot since then. Initially, on the surface at least, growing indoors might seem like a practical option to many hopeful wannabe cannabis farmers, but the truth to the matter is that the cost of indoor growing can be outrageously appalling and intolerable. The initial start up capital needed can become exorbitant. But, all that being said, the cost of growing cannabis indoor far outweighs the costs associated with an outdoor grown crop.

Now, depending upon the equipment that is purchased, an indoor grow operation on an allotted 6’X6’ foot area can cost close to roughly $2,000. An additional cost incurred is the electricity to run the lamps for artificial light, so you can expect an additional $1,000 on top of that.

So with your cannabis crop being cultivated indoor and illuminated with artificial light, your climate will be a controlled environment. The grower will have exacting control over all the environmental factors. Those being, plant nutrition, water, heat, light and pests. And due to the nature of the technology and equipment used, growing indoor can be an expensive endeavour.

One of the main investments in establishing an indoor growing operation will be in Light Emitting Diode (LED) illumination. The LED lights will replace the natural sunlight source. Areas to consider, depending upon size limitations and existing availability, are spare rooms in your home, an attic, basement or even a closet. A big advantage for cannabis growers was that they had total control over their environment and were able to manipulate it to enable their plants to have the best possible environment to successfully grow in. This control meant that cannabis farmers were not at the mercy of ever-fluctuating outdoor weather conditions. Another advantage with growing cannabis indoor is that consumers will be offered the best and most potent product possible.

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Grow indoor cannabis seems to give a lot more control over the elements in comparison to growing it outdoors where any can be exposed to wind, rain, or hail.

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