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Indica is one of three main phenotypes of cannabis. The two others are Sativa and Ruderalis. Indica cannabis plants grow small and stalky but produce thick, dense buds. Most indicas are relaxing in their nature, inducing a very potent body buzz. Indicas strains and landraces originated in Asia and the Middle East. Some popular strains include Bubba Kush and OG kush. Indicas are the recommended species for indoor growing due to their short size.

They are the type of cannabis plants known to produce a full, relaxed state and a very mellow high in the medical marijuana and recreational cannabis communities. Cannabis strains are frequently classified or first identified as being a sativa, an indica, or a hybrid of both of the strains. For those involved in the use of medical marijuana, knowing whether a strain is indica or sativa-dominant is essential to getting the right medicine for the right conditions in your body.

Every cannabis species has its own distinctive features. Reduralis, for example, has relatively low levels of THC and is mainly used for other types of crossbreeding. Sativa is a tall, lankier, low yielding plant valued for its neurological and cerebral effects. On the other extreme, indica is a low, compact, yet large and more higher-yielding plant.

Indicas were founded in Pakistan and Afghanistan and are expected to grow well indoors due to their more compact growing patterns. The plants usually sit at a height of less than six feet and have a tight habit of growth with thick stems. Indica leaves are typically broad and have a deep green hue. Their growth cycle is much faster than sativas, with flowering times hovering around 35-65 days. They have the ability to grow in cold climates and don’t require too long of a season.

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I kind of just feel like relaxing tonight, so I think I will smoke some indica.

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