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Hydroponic grow systems implement a soilless system to grow cannabis. Instead, the roots of the plant are grown in water and plant nutrients while air and flow is circulated through. This method usually allows for more control over the grow and higher quality products.

Hydroponics is a method of cultivation using sand, gravel, or, most commonly, water. Instead of using soil, nutrents are added. The liquid nutrients are directly added to growing areas such as coconut coir (coconut husk fibres), clay pebbles, or expandable aggregate as a replacement to soil. Hydroponic marijuana gardens are regarded as more efficient than traditional soil-based gardens because the open-root system permits nutrients and oxygen to be absorbed directly.

In a nutshell, hydroponics uses a different growing medium rather than soil to supply plants with nutrients. It is believed that the use of hydroponics dates back to 600 BC, where the method of cultivation was used in Babylon’s Hanging Gardens. The Aztecs also used hydroponic techniques to grow crops at Lake Texcoco in the 10th and 11th centuries, and references to hydroponics were found in Marco Polo’s writings after his exploration of China at the end of the 13th century.

Hydroponics is largely regarded as a more effective method of agriculture than soil-based gardens because it requires direct application of water and other nutrients to the root— in comparison to soil-based gardens where water and nutrients are absorbed through the soil. This method gives roots accessibility to nutrients without having to look through the soil. The end result is bigger and healthier plants.

A 2015 study compared strawberries grown in soil to hydroponically grown strawberries. While soil yielded the largest individual berries, this study showed that “hydroponic strawberries were higher in terms of fruit yield and the survival rate of plants.” In addition, the hydroponics system also yielded fruit that had a better size consistency.

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Hydroponics was used to create this strain of cannabis, and I must say, it is a fairly potent and enjoyable strain.

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