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Hydrofluorocarbon Extraction

A downside to the extraction of cannabis concentrates, especially if you want a high-quality product, is that in the more common extraction process the method utilizes toxic solvents and takes such a long time only to ultimately produce a very low yield. However, for those who wish to produce a purer, cleaner oil product, there is a much more exceptional cannabis extraction option and that is Low Pressure Isolation, also known as Hydrofluorocarbon Extraction. This is a low-temperature, low-pressure, much more dependable way of extracting cannabis compounds from the raw plant material. This multi-stage refinement allows for a higher THC/CBD extraction. The resulting end product is a pristine cannabinoid-centric oil.

Hydrofluorocarbon Extraction uses a proprietary mix of specialized gases and room-temperature solvents to isolate cannabinoids from unwanted items, such as pesticides. The Hydrofluorocarbon Extraction process is non-flammable and non-toxic. This makes for an ideal method of extracting plant material. In fact this process is considered highly unique within the cannabis industry as there aren’t too many people using this extraction method.

The cannabis concentrates using Hydrofluorocarbon Extraction assists in the preservation of the full purity of the raw plant material. This process has other numerous benefits over other extraction methods. The primary quality is the overall manufacturing safety and pristine quality of the extracted oil.

Hydrofluorocarbon Extraction produces a cleaner, purer oil than alcohol-based solvents. So there is no need to juggle between the speed at which the extraction is processed and the purity of the oil yield. Much like ethanol, alcohol-based solvents can process a large volume of material. However, that being said, ethanol-based extracts require quite a bit of cleanup in the aftermath of the extraction process.

The more superior cannabis concentrates use oil made via Hydrofluorocarbon Extraction. The finest quality of concentrates requires the purest and most potent oil base. Hydrofluorocarbon Extraction is as true to the original product as possible. In fact, Hydrofluorocarbon Extraction produces bigger oil yields culminating with higher-quality results than other extraction methods.

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I’ve never consumed a concentrate that was produced through hydrofluorocarbon extraction before. It was something different, that’s for sure.

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