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Hydrocarbon Extraction

Hydrocarbon Extraction is a cannabis extraction process using hydrocarbons such as propane or butane. A variety of popular concentrates are created using this method and sometimes involves pentane or hexane. The process of hydrocarbon extraction usually involves placing the marijuana plant material in a glass test tube.

To remove all air pockets, the marijuana is packed fairly tightly into the tube. To keep the plant material from slipping out of the tube a screen is connected to the bottom of the tube. After that, the tube is put into a glass container.

At the other end of the test tube, the hydrocarbon that is being used such as butane, is inserted in the hole. Butane is then burned, causing the cannabinoid content to pour into the test tube. The cannabis begins to release its oils within a minute or two of heating the cannabis with the butane. Soon after, the highly concentrated oilwill drip into the glass container from the test tube. The container that contains the oil will then be put into another container that is holding hot water.

This hot water causes the butane to evaporate rapidly from the oil Then the oil is heated to boiling termperatures to help clear out all of the hydrocarbons from the oil. The final purging cycle leaves the oil hydrocarbon-free and safe. Hydrocarbons are comprised into a category of carbon and hydrogen organic compounds.

These are formed over long periods of time from the compression of animal and plant remains, and are taken from porous type of rocks like sandstone, limestone, and shale, where they will pool and concentrate. Butane, propane, and hexane are the most common hydrocarbons. Some hydrocarbons are powergul organic solvents. Sometimes they are used in food flavoring, vegetable oils, and a lot of other food products.

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Hydrocarbon extraction concentrates tend to always give me a pleasant, potent, and long-lasting high.

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