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When a breeder crosses two genetically distinct strains of cannabis, a Hybrid is created. Hybrids can happen naturally in nature or occur more pragmatically in order to combine the desired traits of two strains into one. Hybrids usually blend sativa and indica qualities with different rations depending on the strain.

Hybrids are very common in the cannabis industry and almost any two seeds that are compatible with each other can be used to produce a new hybrid strain. The majority of the time, the deliberate breeding of two or more species results in a hybrid cannabis plant that develops a superior offspring in comparison to the parent plants.

Hybrids can be created to have a particular type of growth habitat, have the ability to withstand harsher conditions, or to produce a more favourable and pleasant high. Cross-pollination with a number of different species will lead to a hybrid that contains all of the positive attributes of the parent plants. This basically means that the hybrid plant will contain properties of each of the parents.

A strain of indica cannabis can be bred with a strain of sativa cannabis. The hybrid strain that will be produced will have a growth pattern that is different than the parents and will also create a different high for the user than the high that the parents provide. A hybrid strain is often characterised as “sativa-dominant” or “indica-dominant” in cannabis culture.

This is significant information for medicinal users that are seeking a specific outcome from hybrid cannabis ingestion. As with all hybrid varieties, because they are sterile, the seeds of hybrids can not be preserved and cultivated. To bypass this, hybrids are propagated with through the use of stem cutting or cloning a leaf.

Use of Term

This strain of cannabis that I just smoked is a hybrid and I can feel the sativa effects in it as well as the indica effects.

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