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High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract (HTFSE)

Chances are in everyday conversation you’ve not heard the term high terpene full spectrum extract. This describes half of the two portions extracted from the full spectrum Cannabis extract. With marijuana based extracts, this fragment contains more terpenes than the High-cannabinoid Full Spectrum Extract segment of a full-spectrum extract.

Depending upon the composition of the primary originating plant material, high-terpene full-spectrum extracts are typically comprised of approximately 50% and in the range of 15% and 40% terpenes. And depending upon its general texture, the slang term for high terpene full spectrum extract is on occasion referred to as “Sauce”.

As the name does suggest, high-terpene full-spectrum extracts (HTFSE) are a full-spectrum extract distinguished by comparatively high concentrations of terpenes. The overall goal of full-spectrum extracts is to preserve the complex range of compounds contained within the raw cannabis plant. Placed within the cannabis context, the appellation spectrum is used to distinguish all of the ingrediends produced from a plant’s glands, while filtering compunds such as fats, lipids and waxes.

The main distinction between high-terpene and high-cannabinoid full spectrum extract lies in the manner in their extraction and separation method. While producing a full spectrum extract from cured flowers, they will usually separate into two fractions. One will adopt a granular liquid or “sauce” like consistency, while the other will materialize as a diamond or sugar like extract. When extracted from diverse marijuana varieties, one will possess roughly 90% of THCA, while the other will be 50% with a higher terpene percentage ranging from approximately 13% to 40%.

The more highly desired extracts which are considered full spectrum include “sauce” and “live resin”. While “sauce” can be a full spectrum product, it’s not always guaranteed as the procedure of removing the solvent used during the extraction process may tend to modify the spectrum of preferred compounds. Regardless of whether live resin can be assessed as a high terpene full spectrum extract, a lot will depend upon the manner in which it was extracted and on whether this was a part of another extraction process that separated high-terpene extract from high-cannabinoid extract.

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The aroma that the high terpene full spectrum extract gave off earlier today smelled amazing.

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