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An Heirloom Strain refers to a cannabis strain that has no cross breeding in its genetic history. These virgin strains maintain their original genetics and are often referred to as land races. Heirloom refers to “something of significant value that is passed down from generation to generation.” This word is used in cannabis culture to denote pure cannabis plants that have prevailed for generations without being crossed with other cannabis strains.

Using the word heirloom to describe a marijuana plant means almost the same thing that it does when referring to fruits and vegetables that are rarely grown. These days, there are far fewer heirloom varieties out there because marijuana has not seen the same extensive production that other plants see. Heirlooms are typically planted in isolated smaller communities.

Like many other species of plants, cannabis plants have been subject to much change over the past centuries that it has been around for. In order to produce specific characteristics of cannabis, different strains were created and bred, ranging from various THC levels to different colours, to fibrous tissue and everything in between. Cannabis strains can be seen as going through a similar process that people use to breed different types of dogs, fruits, and vegetables.

These strain’s progenitors are called heirloom varieties. The term heirloom, although not strictly organic, refers to a plant that has not been genetically modified. Initially, cannabis was only common to Central Asia from what can be deduced from historical records and genetic evidence. This original cannabis plant is considered a mutation of the landrace strain.

It was found by people who used the seeds as food and used the fibres for other purposes. Such seeds were spread everywhere that human beings travelled, resulting in slightly different strains that evolved over time to suit the environmental conditions in their new areas.

Use of Term

I picked up this Heirloom strain, apparently it means that it hasn’t been genetically modified.

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