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High-Cannabinoid Full Spectrum Extract or HCFSE is a concentrate created through hydrocarbon extraction. This process is great for cannabinoid preservation. HCFSE is a hash oil product with extraordinary aromas and flavours, producing a complex combination that enthrals many of the human senses.

People who produce high-cannabinoid full-spectrum extracts are working towards a product that preserves all the plant’s flavour and potency. The finished product should contain high levels of cannabinoids, extraordinary terpenes, flavonoids, phenolic amides, and sterols. High-cannabinoid full-spectrum extract is considered to be a top-shelf product preferred by genuine connoisseurs of cannabis.

Top-shelf products are referred to as the highest quality products that are available and they will demand a premium price. HCFSE typically is in a crystallized form. The product’s terpene profile frequently exceeds 20%. In general, HCFSE will also have a greater level of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that sits at around 55 percent, but the THC level of HCFSE may exceed 90 percent or higher.

The levels of cannabinoids are 20-30 percent. HCFSE also has trichomes at around 20 to 30 percent. HCFSE is very pure and is solvent-free. To fully clear the trace of any solvents, the extract goes through a vigorous dewaxing process. In addition, it is vacuum-purged which even further cleans out the product. Ideally, the specific features of cannabis concentrate should be recognized and appreciated by all the senses of the users who consume it.

The goal of extractors in the cannabis industry has typically always been to create a product that could show the distinctive profile of cannabis in the best way possible. As the extraction industry has advanced over the years, the achievement of reaching these high-level and potent extracts has now been made possible. The full-spectrum extract is a product that is extremely hard to rival in flavour and complexity.

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The terpene profile of the HCFSE that I consumed the other day was extremely pleasant.

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