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The origins of Haze are tied to the Beach Boys and laid-back lifestyle of California but the origins are thought to be more tropical. Needless to say, the long growing seasons of the American west coast make a perfect habitat for lengthy Haze sativa growth cycles.

Haze has since spread its past its origins and stretched its roots across the world, from South India to Mexico to Columbia. It creates a powerfully energetic buzz full of creativity and focus. Haze is spicy on the inhale, and sweet coming out, with citrusy and earthy elements powering through.

The Haze strain is usually crossbred with other strains to create some award winning combinations. Haze was first developed in California decades ago. It was originally cultivated as a sativa-only strain, but over the years, Haze has evolved into a mixture of sativa and indica, and is known for its THC content.

Haze was established around Santa Cruz, California, by the Haze brothers in the 1960s, and is reputed for the unique experience it generates when ingested by users. The majority of the strains around the world today aren’t natural. They are hybrids that are cultivated by a variety of different growers that narrow down what characteristics they want. Haze is the same way.

Haze is a sativa-only strain in its truest and purest form. Many of its related varieties are also sativa-only, but some growers are mix in indica with it to create a truly unique strain. Growers consider Haze on the difficult side to cultivate, mostly because the flowers have a prolonged maturation period in comparison to other strains.

What this means is that the plan needs a warm, extended season to grow in, much like in Santa Cruz where it was initially derived. In an indoor growing environment, Haze can be created artificially if weather conditions are not optimal outdoors.

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I always like smoking Haze when I go to California because it reminds me of my youth.

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