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For those who socialize in the marijuana community, users today can enjoy a number of cannabis concentrates. There are cannabis oils, crumble, shatter just to name a few. Fundamentally they are just variations on a perpetual theme. But way back in the day, there was a time when all that was available was hashish. It’s the waxy product that is formed when the cannabis trichomes are concentrated and compacted into a solid brick.

Hashish also incorporates small amounts of plant material and a plethora of terpenes which help give it that distinctive hashish taste. It should be noted that hashish as a cannabis concentrate has a powerfully high potency and as such a little goes a long way.

Having the same effect as cannabis, the main ingredient in hashish is THC. Hashish is primarily well known for its sedated, drowsy or euphoric effects. Some users claim a reduction in their feelings of anxiety. Others experience a slowing down or a distortion of space and time.

From a psychological stand point, reports suggest that a user’s psychological and physiological needs will be heavily influenced. Hence, the effect of the physical and interpersonal environment when using hashish is strong and usually controls the underlying quality of the experience overall. Users under the influence of hashish have found an intensity of the buzz experience with a greater heightened clarity of perception. It is ill advised for people suffering from schizophrenia to engage in using hashish as it can cause a “bad trip” making them vulnerable for major mental breakdowns.

Hashish will greatly negatively aggravate existing schizophrenic symptoms. Hashish has varying degrees of firmness and malleable qualities. Its most prevalent colour is light to dark brown, and can vary from a pellucid transparency of tan, black, red or yellow. The colour changes will depend upon the type of process used in its production including the residual plant material.

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I made some pretty good hashish the other day. It’s been quite a while since I was that high.

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