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Hash/Hash Oil

Hash or Hashish is a cannabis concentrate created through the gathering of trichomes via a dry sieve or water extraction method. This creates a dark brown powder than contains a high level of THC or CBD which is then pressed into a consumable form. Hash Oil or Honey Oil is a hash derivative that involves solvents to extract the potency with less of the plant matter.

Countries like Turkey, Afghanistan, and India are world renowned for their hash production. The crystal-like kief is a sticky and naturally excreted trichome fromthe glands of the marijuana plant. This substance is produced by the plant in order to discourage and fend off herbivore consumption and also to be an attraction for pollinating insects.

Kief crystals are present throughout the plant but are the most abundant on the flowers of the marijuana plant. The marijuana plant’s kief consists of the highest concentrations of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the substance that most users are looking for in order to get high. Hash is generally formed and then pressed into a doughy resin block or ball, while hash oil more of a liquid that is obtained from the trichomes.

Hash and hash oil can sometimes contain tiny pieces of the marijuana plant. The sticky trichome material was obtained by hand from cannabis plants in the early days. This was done by scraping the flowers or by brushing the hands across the plant’s surface.

A variety of mechanical separation methods such as tumblers have been used in later years. Current separation systems usually provide separation by heat/pressure, static electricity, ice/water sieving, and acoustic sieving. The preferred method for extracting hash oil is chemical separation (extraction).

A solvent is used to filter the oil. Hash and hash oil are typically either eaten or smoked orally. Higher cannabinoid amounts in hash render it much more effective than other weed types. Hash products generally contain a concentration range of THC of 50 to 80%.

Use of Term

The hash I smoked last night made me high for at least 3 hours.

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