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Resin is a sticky, flammable, waxy, tar-like substance produced from the cannabis plant. This resin is known as hash or hashish. This natural organic substance is typically transparent, but it can also be pellucid. It can either be yellowish to brownish in colour.

This hash resin is formed in plant secretions. This drug originates from the cannabis plant. Being flammable, it is consumed by smoking a small piece generally in a bong, pipe or joint. While only pure hash will not burn, in order for it to be consumed by smoking, it is mixed with ground marijuana tobacco or even regular cigarette tobacco.

Hash is a produced cannabis product that is comprised of compressed stalked resin glands. These trichomes from the plant are a narcotic. What gives the hash resin its potency is THC and other cannabinoids. Generally, the potency levels found in hash range between 4% to 15%, but it can go as high as 18%.

For those who socialize in the marijuana community, users today can enjoy a number of cannabis concentrates. There are cannabis oils, crumble, shatter just to name a few. Fundamentally they are just variations on a perpetual theme. But way back in the day, there was a time when all that was available was hash. It’s the waxy product that is formed when the cannabis trichomes are concentrated and compacted into a solid brick.

Hash also incorporates small amounts of plant material and a plethora of terpenes which help give it that distinctive hash taste. It should be noted that hash as a cannabis concentrate has a powerfully high potency and as such a little goes a long way. Hash can even be made at home. There are a few simple methods that you can try.

Finger Hash: This is undoubtedly one of the oldest methods used in making home-made hash. All one has to do is scrape the sticky cannabis resin from your hands after you’ve been handling cannabis buds. Rub your fingers on the cannabis blooms, and the friction caused by rubbing your hands together will produce a potent ball. Hence the term finger hash. Hand Rolling is another method to try. This technique involves firmly rolling marijuana blooms between the palms of your hands. This rubbing will collect the hash. Unlike the aforementioned Finger Hash, this hand rolling technique purposefully converts the blooms into hash.


  • Jason Dowden August 9, 2020 11:11 PM

    Makes sense! One of the best times was just a little resin ball and five people got righteous.

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