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Hand-Whipping is a process that changes the texture of hash oil into a waxy substance. Agitation created by the hand tool cause THCA to break away from the oil. Whipped oil is most commonly known as wax or budder. Once the budder or wax begins to form, terpenes will divide from the cannabinoids.

Usually, the product has the consistency of smooth peanut butter when the terpenes begin to disperse during the hand-whipping process. Hand whipping the marijuana concentrate allows the concentrate molecules to crash into each other and form a sticky material. Hand whipping usually takes place shortly after the product has been completely purged of butane.

Many people choose to increase the product temperature and use a vacuum instead of hand whipping, but many extraction artists choose to whip the product for more power and control over its consistency. After hand whipping, many people put the product under the vacuum, but others just leave it alone. The agitation from hand whipping creates a non-transparent wax or budder concentrate.

An experiment by Nugrun Concentrates demonstrated effects of concentrates whipping during the process of purging. The results show that whipping escalates the purging, though often compromising the flavor and the ideal consistency of shatter. Hand whipping can almost be thought of as similar to purchasing whipping cream in liquid form and as you whip it over time, it will gradually begin to thicken up.

Wax and budder are highly potent concentrates that have the ability to get a consumer very high, very fast, with only a small amount. Beginners should exercise caution if they are using these products for the first time.

Use of Term

This oil was Hand-Whipped and you can tell by how smooth the pull is.

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