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Hand-Washed hash is created through a process involving mixing cannabis and ice with a large paddle similar to butter churning. Hand-washing is a process used in marijuana cultivation to separate apart the trichomes of the buds of the marijuana plant and leaves from the rest of the material of the plant.

A convenient and safe way of removing the trichomes of the marijuana plant is to use water and ice together with the hand-washing process. The plant material is added to the water and the dry ice, and then the trichomes are removed by basic agitation. The highly potent trichomes are then filtered out of the ice and water.

Not only does the hand-washing process isolate the trichomes, it also helps preserve the terpenes of the plant. Hand-washing is widely used in the manufacturing of kief and other high-quality weed concentrate used in dabbing. To help break the trichome stalks, the marijuana plant material is subjected to dry ice.

Then the plant material is worked into screens with pressure to remove the trichomes gently. When using this process, care must be taken because too much friction will split the material of the plant into tiny pieces and it will also drop right through the screens along with the trichomes. This will cause the end product to have less purity.

There are a variety of products made using ice, water, and filtration methods such as water hash, bubble hash, and full melt. Throughout manufacturing such marijuana concentrates, it is suggested that the hand-washing be done very gently because too much agitation can result in damage to terpenes and trichomes. In comparison to the washing machine method, hand-washed has results in a much purer and more refined product. This will benefit users in terms of the high that they get as well as the terpenes.

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This hash is so good! My budtender told me it was Hand-Washed!

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