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A half or half-ounce is a common measure of cannabis that is equivalent to 14 grams. An average price for a half varies across state and region. Cannabis is offered in quantities that are predetermined. Some of them you might have encountered before–gram, eighth, quarter, half, and ounce.

But what about a quarter? What does it even mean? In practical terms, what do these numbers mean? How much does an eighth, quarter, or half even look like? Good questions, better questions. The baseline denominator when people talk about a certain quantity of cannabis is an ounce. When people tell you the pricing for cannabis, they will most typically tell you they paid a certain price for a gram, eighth, quarter, half, or an ounce.

Let’s put this in perspective. Since cannabis buds are naturally occurring products differing in density and structure, the presence of a given weight can vary slightly from strain to strain and even from crop to crop. Decent price cuts typically start at the half-ounce quantity in terms of price per gramme.

Most infused butter/oil recipes for edibles require a half an ounce of dried cannabis You can still cook with less, but the potency of the end product might also be less. For a full ounce, it will weigh in at 28 grams, equivalent to 4 or 8 eighths. In addition to people calling a half-ounce of cannabis a half, there are many other names for ounces as well, such as a zip or an “O.”

Most countries will have possession limits set in place and are typically cited in grammes and ounces. The restrictions will tell you how much cannabis you are allowed to have on you at any time as well as how much you are allowed to purchase per month. If you are going up to a quarter-pound, that will be equivalent to 113.4 grams, or 4 ounces.

For short, quarter-pounds are frequently called QP. A half-pound is the next step up from the quarter-pound. Weighing in at 226.8 grams, it is also known as a half-pack and a half-pounder, or 8 ounces of cannabis.

Use of Term

This half I bought last night should last me a while.

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