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In chemistry terms, guaiol is a sesquiterpenoid alcohol. Most commonly found in nature in cypress pine trees, this terpene has a multi-ringed molecular structure. Its fragrance is that of a fresh “outdoorsy”, “woodsy” intensity followed with a subtle undertone of a floral rose. Pronounced “gway-ee-ol” this compound is dissimilar and in contrast to other terpenes. While the terpenes which are found in cannabis are oil-based, guaiol is instead alcohol-based.

Even though it isn’t as plentiful in cannabis as some other terpenes, but by its very presence it could prove to be extremely pertinent. And at the present time not much is known about it, further investigative research is indeed warranted. Guaiol can also be found in tea tree, apples, conifers, cumin, nutmeg and lilacs. It is used for medicinal purposes as a remedy for treating congestion, cough and as an insect repellent.

Of the research that has been conducted thus far, this is what the studies have shown. Guaiol has many extremely rewarding properties all on its own. It may boost cannabis’ healing and therapeutic effects in a myriad of highly advantageous ways. For example, the guaiacum tree produces high amounts of the guaiol compound. For centuries, it has been in use to treat many kinds of ailments, including constipation, coughing fits, acute arthritic pain and in some cases sexually transmitted infections such as syphilis.

In other areas of research guaiol has been used in labs to test for blood in human fecal samples. It has been used in foods and a variety of household products as an aromatic. It possesses some anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Other studies have indicated that guaiol may inhibit cancer cells in cases of non-small cell lung cancer. It has been examined how guaiol is a cue to how cannabis affects day-to-day functions throughout the body. Guaiol may very well provide important support for anti-inflammatory applications. This is good news for those suffering from joint pain , fever and a variety of other conditions.

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