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A weed grinder, as the name suggests, is a metal cylindrical device with two halves, one top and a bottom. In the top half, you place your marijuana nug. The lid contains sharp knife-like teeth which when turned much like a pepper mill grinds freshly ground pepper, cuts and shreds down the marijuana nug to a fine powder tobacco which then has it prepared to be rolled as a joint, or placed in a pipe to smoke.

The finely ground marijuana tobacco is collected in the bottom half of the device. In more formal and polite circumstances, the manufacturers claim that these gadgets are intended for use with natural freshly grown herbs and spices for use in cooking. However, they are most often used to shred cannabis. The purpose of grinding a marijuana nug is to make it easier to hand roll a joint which will burn much more evenly and provide a smoother “hit” when inhaled.

Weed grinders are typically made from metal, but are also made from plastic and come in an assortment of colourful decal patterns and polished coloured metals. Other grinders come with two or three compartments with fine screens which separate the top section from the bottom. This screen allows the marijuana trichomes to be collected separately.

The screen which is also known as a kief catcher gathers the potent kief knocked off the buds during the grinding process. The kief can be scooped out to top off the weed in your pipe bowl, or it can be used as an ingredient in marijuana cookies known as edibles.
The entire process of using a marijuana grinder is an easy one.

1. Removing the top lid of the grinder, with your fingertips, gently break the bigger nugs down to a smaller more easily ground size.
2. Replace the top and give it approximately 10 rotations. The actual amount of rotations will vary depending upon your own personal preference. Once the marijuana nug has been ground down to the desired texture, remove the top and give it a tap against the grinder’s side to loosen any nug pieces which may have got stuck in the grinder teeth.
3. Unscrew the chamber and you will find this basket now contains your newly ground nug. It is now ready to be consumed either rolled in a joint, or smoked in your pipe.

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I love this new three-chamber grinder I bought. The weed comes out perfectly every time.

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