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If you’re a recreational marijuana user and have given thought to growing your own plant in your own greenhouse, there are a few fundamental things which you must first take into consideration.

As we all know, a greenhouse allows you to govern your growing habitat all throughout the entire year. A greenhouse is ideal for people who live in a four-season climate with harsh winters and extreme summers. In a greenhouse, your plants will thrive and the crop won’t suffer. The key thing to remember is to control and maintain the climate within your greenhouse.

Another thing which your greenhouse will require in its construction is a clear cover shield that will allow light and solar radiation to pass through the ceilings and walls but will protect your plants from fluctuating elements, cold air and pests. In your research, you will find that some home-made greenhouses can be made from clear plastic tarpaulin sheets, but it’s not recommended as it won’t be durable for long-term longevity. However, most commercial and other large scale greenhouses are made from glass walls. If you find that glass is not within your budget, then there is an alternative made from polycarbonate sheets which makes the whole endeavour much more feasible.

And sure while you can build your greenhouse from scratch if you’re the handy man type, always first take into account your location. The location that you choose for your greenhouse is crucial in determining its overall success. You’ll require consistent sunlight all throughout the year. Ideally, you’ll want an area that faces south. Observe any nearby buildings or objects as they should face north of your greenhouse so as not to have a long shadow be cast. Your plants will fare much better in the early morning light as opposed to the mid to late afternoon light.

Take into consideration the sun’s winter angle as well. Trees that don’t present a problem during the summer months, may be problematic during the winter as they will block the sun. Ensure that your greenhouse has proper drainage. You certainly don’t want excess water to pool along the sides. Without a reliable drainage system established, your greenhouse could be highly susceptible to flooding during a heavy storm.

One tip to follow is to have the greenhouse’s foundation elevated a few inches above the ground. Also, have the ground around the foundation slope slightly downward. This will contribute greatly to your greenhouse draining efficiently.

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I managed to get a pretty good yield in my greenhouse this year.

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