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Green out

A green out is a term used to describe passing out or feeling sick from consuming too much cannabis. This usually occurs only for inexperienced users or with extremely potent concentrates. However, if you don’t know your limits, it can happen to you as well. Greening out induces nausea, fatigue, paranoia and just a desire to sleep.

Fortunately, after a few hours you will most likely be up and looking for the munchies. Green out may occur as a result of eating cannabis laced edibles, but smoking cannabis is usually a much more common cause as the body absorbs THC more quickly from the smoke or vapour. There has yet to be a confirmed occurrence that anyone has ever died from the green out experience.

The majority of people just end up sick and fall asleep afterwards. Anyone that goes through a green out experience should hydrate with a sugary beverage such as fruit juice. If someone is experience extremely severe symptoms from green out, they should go to the hospital for medical help. Scientists are investigating the development of new oral drugs in today’s modern cannabis industry, specifically to help people get over a green out experience so they can easily and swiftly return back to normal functioning capacity.

Many cannabis users may also suffer more specific conditions, such as couch lock or cotton mouth, in addition to green out. This whole experience usually only lasts a few hours, and if you find a way to calm down, the associated unpleasant sensations will subside quicker.

Symptoms of green out are known to also get worse when other drugs are used alongside cannabis. It’s highly recommended to take it slow and easy with the cannabis if you’ve been ingesting other drugs or drinking. The type of environment you are in can sometimes contribute to the unpleasant symptoms of anxiety that might accompany a green out experience.

Use of Term

I smoked too much last night. I think I Greened Out.

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