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Another way to refer to a glass bong, pipe, dab rig, or bubbler is to simply say Glass. Glass refers to any piece of glass cannabis device and prices can range between 1$ and hundreds of thousands. Glass has become a sort of deviant art, with custom pieces incorporating expensive materials with extensive labour times.

These expensive pieces are referred to as “Heady Glass,” are have started a whole deviant art revolution. Heady glass is a term often used to differentiate between high-quality blown glass pieces for cannabis consumption such as dab rigs, dabbers, hand pipes, and bongs.

Each piece of glass is unique and many are truly one-of – a-kind art works. Heady glass pieces showcase many distinctive colours that make them catching to the eye. They containt very detailed designs that are crafted by professional glass artics. There are also scientific glass pieces in contrast to heady glass pieces in which versatility and user-friendliness are favoured over the piece’s aesthetics.

The two styles are gradually being combined together to draw a wide range of cannabis users. On the other hand, borosilicate glass is a resilient, affordable, and strong type of glass. ⠀It is quite commonly used among recreational consumers. It is made with clay, sodium carbonate and limestone, with the addition of boric oxide, much like typical window panes or drinking vessels. It is immune to sudden changes in temperatures, making it a popular choice for bakery, labware and cannabis smoking devices.

It can tolerate exposure to different temperatures at the same time without compromising the integrity of its structure. Spotlights, growlights, and flashlights also use this type of glass. Because of the durability of borosilicate glass, many bong owners won’t have to worry about the glass breaking as much.

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Whenever I pull from my Glass bong, I get the best buzz.

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