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Found in cannabis and an assortment of other plants, geraniol is a terpene that has a sweet, floral, fruity fragrance. It occurs naturally in carrots, lemongrass, roses, blueberries, blackberries, passion fruit, peaches, nutmeg, coriander, and even lemon peels.

Geraniol is a primary part of citronella oil, palmarosa oil, and rose oil. Its fragrance has been described as akin to sweet and sugary citrus. And geraniol is used in food preparation as a flavouring enhancer agent typically in reproducing the flavour of fruit. It is used in desserts like ice cream and candy confection. Geraniol is also used in body care and bath products like soap, lotions, perfumes and detergent.

Geraniol also has a variety of medicinal and therapeutic uses as well. Being a natural antioxidant, it possesses anti-tumour and anti-cancer properties which are beneficial in treating many different types of cancer. Medical studies have shown that geraniol could discourage tumorous cell growth in prostate, lung, breast, liver, oral and pancreatic cancer. And geraniol’s anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties help greatly reduce infections.

Frequently occurring in marijuana strains with a high linalool content, it is also abundant in geraniol as well. A few of the strains which have geraniol are Afghan Weed which produces a euphoric and balanced buzz high. Helping with depression, headaches and anxiety is the Headband strain. It also reduces pain. The Amnesia Haze strain is good for providing uplifting energy. Great White Shark provides a potent dose when consumed which is said to reduce stress and uplifts sullen moods to a happy state. And for a more cerebral high, there is Sweet Skunk.

Geraniol has been used for well over 2,000 years as an all natural mosquito repellent. This is due to the fact that geraniol is also closely linked to another terpene called citronellol. Geraniol is used by honey bees to identify nectar-bearing flowers which helps them to find their way back to their hives. But it is also used as an effective insect repellent for things other than mosquitoes including ticks, fire ants, roaches and flies.

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I never knew that these citronella lamps contained geraniol, but now I do.

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