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Formulation is a term most marijuana users possibly may not be familiar with. Designed by scientists to target the consumer’s unique needs, what it is essentially is the manufacturing of pills, edibles (food), tinctures or cannabis oil. Specially curated chemical concoctions is the foundation of these products. The creation of specific ratios of the cannabinoids such as THC, CBD and terpenes are the fragrant compounds which provide the defined character to each of marijuana’s varied and desired psychoactive effects. Apparently, there is a growing future for weed formulations.

Novice potential users who are cautious about experimenting with cannabis for its recreational high or therapeutic benefits are hesitant about seeing how weed will affect them. So for this type of consumer, they are searching for a consistently predictable tailored experience in order to facilitate a reliable outcome. This applies especially to those who are seeking medical treatment for a specific ailment.

Through the cultivation of additional formulations, the goal objective is to amplify the positive effect of the buzz that people were experiencing. In the long term it is hoped that through the manipulation of the ratio of compounds, marijuana and the removal of its associated societal stigma will be brought into the mainstream public view for consumers. Formulated cannabis allows a great deal of control over how one feels and in maintaining the long term consistency of the product.

With this type of “designer high”, with regards to the consumer, it is also hoped that for the novice, a lot of the perceived risk and all other associated concerns will be quelled and removed. To place formulations in its context by way of describing what is happening in the process, terpenes which is a class of compound is mixed with linalool an ingredient which causes drowsiness. In the lab, scientists would examine how a specific ratio of THC and CBD (the compounds in marijuana that gets a person high) have an impact on an individual’s energy levels. Then taking this as a base formulation, additional linalool is added to that ratio and then further examined to see the effect on energy

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I think the medical cannabis formulation that I use is really working for my PTSD and anxiety.

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