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The trichome-covered part of a female cannabis plant which is pleasant to smoke is referred to as the flower. Being very versatile, naturally it is the most popular form of cannabis. It can be consumed in a variety of ways, whether it be rolled as a traditional joint, known as a “blunt fatty”, or in a bong or pipe.

The most common form of the flower is identified as the bud, nugs, or nuggets. The flower nugget or bud is first prepared by grinding it in a hand held metal grinder apparatus. The purpose behind it being ground is cannabis burns more evenly and can be much more easily manipulated for consumption.

When purchased at a dispensary, cannabis that is on its own is referred to as loose flower. And as the name states, it is loose from the cannabis plant itself and will be free from leaves, seeds or stems. What you get is just the flower and nothing else.

For those who don’t have the skill, or the patience, to roll their own, pre-rolled marijuana joints can be purchased from a marijuana dispensary. When a pre-rolled is purchased, the smoker can expect a high-quality toking experience while being provided the utmost in convenience. All the time consuming grinding, packing and rolling have been adeptly done for you.

As cannabis competition expands, it is slightly common that the overall quality of a pre-roll would vary, but due to this growing competition, the pre-rolls are less likely to be filled with low-quality (IE: less potent) stems, leaves and buds. But as a consumer deals with any product on the market, the quality will vary and run the gamut from utter garbage, right on through to a top of the line incredibly superior, indescribable mind-altering tripping stoner buzz experience. Some more highly potent pre-rolls packed with top-quality weed are dipped in cannabis oil concentrate. Producing a heavy intense high and a harsh smoke, this pre-roll is known as a Caviar Night Stick. However, as a consumer, your buzz experience will vary.

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I love the smell of fresh flower after it has just been ground up and placed in a joint before smoking it.

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