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Flowering Time

The second main stage of cannabis growth is referred to as the flowering stage. Flowering time is the period in which it takes for a specific cannabisstrain to produce buds or flowers. A cannabis plant transitions from the vegetative state into the flowering period when it is exposed to a 12/12 or less light schedule. When grown indoors, plants can be sustained in vegetative or flowering state for much longer than outdoor grows.

However, mold and pests are usually harder to control when dealing with an indoor flowering cycle. Throughout the flowering time, male cannabis plants will usually be separated from female plants. Strains that are dominant in sativa are known to have a longer flowering time than strains that are indica-dominant. Autoflowering strains have a very long flowering time and they only sit in the vegetative cycle very shortly.

If a cannabis plant goes into the flowering phase and hasn’t received adequate cultivation throughout its lifespan up until that point, then it will typically not produce sufficient levels of THC. There are four stages of flowering time in the cannabis plant’s life cycle. The pre-flowering period is the first stage of flowering. Primordial female flowers will soon to begin start showing two white stem hairs on them. They will pop out on the plant’s stem junctions.

The stage known as the early flowering stage comes after the pre-flowering stage and it will last for around one to three weeks in duration. This usually happens when the plants start getting an illumination ratio of 12-12. The flowers will start to pop out at the bud sites. The flowers will soon start to develop further hairs during this critical stage of the flowering time. The flowers rapidly grow thick and dense, filling the internodes of the stem. Resin glands and calyxes are formed in the buds. The plant will soon reach the peak flowering stage which is characterized by plentiful buds and flowers.

Use of Term

My plants are showing buds so that means it’s Flowering Time.

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