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Fire (Fire Old Gangsta Kush)

Originating from the Indica dominant hybrid, Fire Old Gangsta Kush is highly looked upon by a great many users to be the most powerful and potent strain on the entire planet. This strain of Fire Old Gangsta Kush is definitely not recommended for casual or highly inexperienced marijuana smokers. Long time experienced users will typically use a very low dose consisting of 1 to 2 hits (tokes) from a joint.

The sensation that most smokers experience is an instant cerebral stimulation. They feel a wave of intense creativity and euphoria sweep over them. This is then followed by a stoned, relaxed mellow body state brought on by its incredible potency. This may put those with a lower tolerance to bed or content to just groove and melt into the couch.

The potent effects of this strain can last up to approximately three hours, but this will vary depending upon an individual’s own level of tolerance. The taste has been described as fuel like with piney and citrus aftertaste. In some users they may experience dry cotton mouth along with dry eyes. They may also feel anxiety, paranoia, and dizziness.

In general, the effects are typically relaxed, happy, euphoric, uplifted and hungry with a case of “the munchies”. Fire Old Gangsta Kush is a hybrid strain of 70% Indica/30% Sativa. This highly potent strain is a cross between the incredibly popular Old Gangsta Kush with San Fernando Valley Old Gangsta Kush. Boasting an astonishingly high THC level ranging from 20-25% on average, this dank bud is purported to be the most powerful of the entire Old Gangsta Kush pedigree.

After taking a toke hit, users will feel an uplifting sense of creativity with an undaunted motivation. This is accompanied with an energetic rush of stimulated euphoria. When this initial sensation passes, users will be incredibly hungry with a case of “the munchies” following with a slow and gentle total complete relaxed sedation. Users may go to bed, or just sleep the effects off where they are sitting.

Use of Term

I lit up the concentrate on my dag rig with fire and got insanely high.

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