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Fenchyl Alcohol, more commonly referred to as Fenchol is a marginally known monoterpenoid that has a bouquet of camphor, pine and lemon. This one Fenchol terpene is responsible for the characteristic scent of basil. Which is why spaghetti sauces smell so mouth-watering delicious when cooking Italian food. The perfumery industry most commonly uses Fenchol.

Through extensive research, Fenchol has antioxidant and antimicrobial characteristics as well as antibacterial properties. Due to its resistance to treatment that bacteria, parasites, fungi and viruses develop over time the medical industry is frequently searching for new antimicrobials. With the ongoing progress and legalization of marijuana, studies on cannabis continues to increase. Through this ongoing research, it is hoped that with Fenchol and other terpenes, new, abundant therapeutic benefits are just waiting to be discovered.

Prized for its earthy aroma which naturally occurs in basil, Fenchol is a secondary (and not as familiar) terpene found in cannabis. Aster which is a genus of plants that produce star-like flowers, the terpene comprises up to approximately 16% of the volatile oils of this specific species. In contrast to the sweet terpenes of geraniol and geranyl, the invigorating scent of Fenchol possesses a camphor-like, piney flavor. Fenchol’s invigorating aroma makes for an ideal component to use in powder and liquid detergents. It is also used in fabric softeners.

Being a popular ingredient in perfume, the fine-fragrance industry makes more use of the terpene and is utilized more than any other industry. While the name Fenchol itself may be unfamiliar to you, chances are you’ve encountered it numerous times when having dinner at your favourite Italian restaurant when you have just enjoyed a salad containing fresh basil. Or from the same restaurant’s kitchen in the pot of tomato sauce on your pasta dish.

Or perhaps while getting ready for dinner at this Italian restaurant, you encountered Fenchol when lathering your hair with an all natural herbal shampoo or misting your wrists with a fragrant citrus body spray. Simply stated, Fenchol is ubiquitous.

Use of Term

I sprinkled basil all over my salad the other day without realizing that it had fenchol in it.

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