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Feminized (Seeds)

As the name itself does state, a feminized seed is one that is female. Hence, only producing female plants, feminized cannabis seeds are specifically bred seeds that eliminate male chromosomes. Known for producing a bud that is pleasant to smoke, a feminized seed produces a plant that contains the most potent substance levels of THC and CBD. With a feminized seed, buds begin to grow when it receives less sunlight.

There are numerous benefits of feminized seeds. Not surprisingly, they develop feminine plants. From these female plants, male plants are prevented from pollination. Every feminine plant will grow cannabis that is pleasant to smoke when consumed. The female plant utilizes the most of the space you have available to you. There will be a higher weed production compared to plants that are auto-flowering cannabis. This is when assorted varieties automatically switch from vegetative growth stage to a flowering stage.

The quality of the overall smoke and taste experience from a feminine plant is considerably much more pleasing than with auto-flowering plants. In terms of maintenance, female plants can be pruned. Only the female cannabis plants produce the cannabinoid-rich flowers that provides the flavors and potent buzz effects consumers look for, prefer and appreciate. Hence, many marijuana growers are turning to feminized seeds to harvest. Growers who feminize seeds will be ensured that there will be approximately a 100% success rate in the plant’s female genetics.

When cannabis plants are pollinated with natural and traditional breeding techniques, both male and female seeds will be produced. Known and identified as “regular seeds”, they occur with roughly an even split between the two sexes. As such, marijuana growers when using standard, regular seeds, with have about a 50% chance of yielding a female plant from each seed that is planted.

Growers who cultivate marijuana, depend on feminized seeds for efficient growing cycles of a crop. In using feminized seeds, the guesswork is eliminated of germinating regular or male seeds. In fact, the entire growing process is greatly streamlined and in this process saves on harvest time and the space required.

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I finally learnt how to get my seeds feminized properly. Interrupting the light cycle during the flowering process has shown some promising results so far.

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