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A fat and thick rolled cannabis joint or blunt is often referred to as a Fatty. A Fatty is great for sharing and can last an extended period of time. A fatty might sometimes be shorter than average, or at least a lot wider and thicker than usual. Certain similar words that are used the same thing include a “fatty joint” a “fat blunt,” a “Goddie (as in Godfather),” or any other variation. There is no accepted measurement for a fatty, which also goes to say the same about a “pinner,” although it is generally not less than half a gram and is usually significantly bigger.

Fatties are sometimes rolled to be circulated among several people because of their such large size. Other consumers will just prefer to roll fatties all for themselves instead of having to spend the time rolling numerous smaller joints. The user will smoke however much they feel like and then they will just light it up again the next time they want to consume more.

There are people that won’t really like fatties because they say that they will burn too fast in comparison to regular pinners or joints. Consumers sometimes say that fatties have an issue with canoeing, which is when one side will burn much quicker than the other side. This happens from the air that is between the paper and the cannabis plant material. To avoid this from happening, the user who is rolling it can make sure that it is a completely even roll.

Using cannabis that is dry enough will ensure a more even burn as well. Sometimes cannabis that is too moist can create issues in the burning process. Sometimes empty cigars can be used to make fatties instead of rolling them from scratch. This might be more beneficial for a beginner.

Use of Term

That joint is so densely packed, I’d say it’s a fatty.

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