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Extraction Method

When making a distillate from marijuana, offering the lowest capital and operating budget expense is Ethanol. It offers a simple procedure and the hardware can be described as fundamental at best. Ethanol when compared to hydrocarbon or CO2, is far superior in terms of functionality and safety. It is a substance that is most commonly used in many other industries. Being highly cost effective and much more efficient, an Ethanolextraction system is recommended for the commercial producer.

The extraction systems includes a series of extraction, distillation, and crystallization equipment to complete this process. It should also be noted that this technology is a very safe method of extraction. Both oil-soluble and water compounds are extracted using Ethanol and is considered to be the most effective way of extracting Cannabidiol (CBD).

Ethanol when used at freezing temperatures, can extract specific isolated cannabinoids and terpenes from cannabis, while leaving other undesirable molecules like lipids and waxes behind. The main reason behind extraction is to concentrate and purify selected compounds from the marijuana plant. As impurities which can affect a users’ buzz high, the extraction process maintains its natural ratios. When the extraction goes as intended, the end result is a pure, isolated, natural full-spectrum extract compound.

Through marijuanaextraction, a vast number of people may not know is that there is an incredible assortment of cannabinoids present in cannabis. And while there are two CBD and THC known at present, there could potentially be hundreds if not more cannabinoids that have yet to be discovered in the not too distant future.

While some techniques use only pressure and temperature, relying on mechanical force to ‘squeeze’ out the desired oils from the plant, the methods used to extractcannabis are as differing as the compounds themselves. Other methods rely on solvents like Ethanol to attain the desired extracted compounds from the plant material into another solution. And then this is again processed to remove the solvent.

Use of Term

I used the ethanol extraction method to make this cannabis oil, mainly because ethanol is just such an easy solvent to get a hold of. It is so easy to use, fairly cheap and in comparison to other extraction methods, it’s also considered to be fairly safe.

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