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Extraction Artist

An Extraction Artist or Extraction Technician is a licensed employee or entrepreneur trained to extract cannabis concentrates. They work with a variety of different strains and mediums. Normally, the individual has undergone training in a number of methods of extraction such as gas and oil, CO2, butane, alcohol, and water extraction. There is a wide variety of skills and characteristics required to become a successful extraction artist and it is more than just on the job experience.

A lot of people that indulge in cannabis concentrates know that the extraction process is an art that takes a lot of skill and dedication to achieve. Concentrates currently account for about 40 percent of all sales in the cannabis market. The rise of cannabis concentrates has rendered an in-demand job choice for those that are considering to get into the extraction artist profession. Many extraction artists are currently earning a salary of $75,000 to $125,000 annually.

A cannabis extraction artist must be highly focused on the task at hand in order to make sure that the finest quality and consistency of concentrate is being produced. Purity is also an essential factor to consider, particularly if the cannabis concentrate is going to be used in the medicinal field. Besides ensuring the consistency of the end product is of high quality, an extraction artist also has to make sure that safety procedures are adhered to while at work, as some extraction methods can be unsafe if the workers are not well acquainted in the machinery.

Much like farmers, they take their role seriously in the cannabis industry. Cannabis extraction artists are known not to take shortcuts in creating products. They are also very similar to chefs in the way that they require a keen eye for detail and want the final product to be just right for the consumer.

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I just got a new job as an Extraction Artist for a Cannabis company!

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